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About Us

The Inner Alchemy Collective is a place where practitioners of the esoteric, metaphysical and mystic arts and sciences can come together in a private social network, which includes access to monthly classes from some of the most respected names in the field. 

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day -- about $11.50 a week -- you will have access to the features and benefits listed in the section below, and so much more.

No power struggles. No cult of personalities. No gatekeeping or bullying. 

Finally, a place where you can learn from various respected practitioners, without breaking the bank, and without getting caught up in the politics and machinations of the neo-pagan witch wars. 


Why You Should Join Us

Your $49.95 monthly membership in the Inner Alchemy Collective includes the following benefits (which are always being added to):

  • Unlimited access to our private social network, where the censorship, ads and "noise" of other social networks can be left behind. 
  • Unlimited access to classes and comprehensive courses from our faculty of instructors in such varied topics as herbal medicine and folk magick, stregoneria, cunning and Appalachian rootwork, witchcraft, Catholic conjure, and so much more. 
  • Members-only access to live weekly events, video conferences and discussion groups. 
  • Listing of your professional services in our members directory, to help you expand your network and connect with providers who offer the goods and services you're seeking.
  • Access to live monthly training on how to grow your personal brand, classes and services on other social media platforms from one of the co-founders of the world's first enterprise social network. 
  • Discounts on programs, products and services offered outside our network.  

All of this and more are included in your monthly membership. For about the price of a single class in your local book shop or metaphysical centre, you'll have a minimum of 5 hours of classes available to you, which you can revisit as often as you like. 

A Big Thanks

Your membership also makes it possible for us to move toward our eventual goal of establishing a K-12 education platform for those families who want to ensure that their kids are raised with an holistic, magickal and balanced worldview, consistent with our core values.

And your membership helps to provide our instructors with a small stipend to thank them for their time and efforts on behalf of our community. 

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